Our local passion runs through and true; the Starling cocktail list is truly backyard-to-table.

—  the drinks —

At the Starling, new techniques and artesian craftiness are used in the pursuit of making delicious drinks. The approach to rethinking cocktails is considered, deliberate, and precision-oriented. Questions and curiosity are eagerly embraced, but most of all Starling welcomes anyone looking for a good time, strong drinks, and great company.


When life gives you Meyer lemons, we say, make a Meyer and Gimble Smash!

Our local passion runs through and true; the Starling cocktails are genuinely backyard-to-table. In addition to what is seasonally grown from our own patio garden, Sonoma county provides us with bountiful of fresh ingredients such as; citruses, apples, herbs, even mushrooms, all gifted to us weekly by our devoted patrons and fellow cocktail aficionadi.

We participate in the movement to bring back the friendly bartender by humbly running a quality cocktail program.